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Wagemaker Flowers produces approximately 30 million tulips anually. Our goal is to produce as environmentally friendly and as sustainable as possible. To realize this goal we have built a new state of the art tulip cultivation facility. This facility made it possible to reduce our energy consumption by 50% compared to what is conventional. This reduction is made possible by energy saving solutions like heat-storage and solar panels.

These solutions made us eligible for several certificates like Groenlabel Kas, MPS-A and MPS GAP.

The residuals from the cultivation process re-used to generate new energy in an environmentally friendly way in a process called fermentation and is done by Franico (Hoogwoud).

We collect rainwater from the roof of the facility. This water is the only source of water we use for our flowers. After use the water is cleaned using filtering techniques and U.V. disinfection, and re-used.