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We are proud to announce that we have the following certificates.

The qualifications MPS-A, -B and -C are awarded to MPS participants who record their usage of crop protection agents, fertilizers, energy and waste over four-week periods. At the end of the period, participants send the recorded data to MPS, to be processed using calculation rules. A maximum number of achievable points have been set for each theme. Points may be allocated differently for countries outside north-western Europe due to the addition of the theme water. Participants are awarded a qualification four times a year namely MPS-A, B or C based on the total number of points achieved. The qualification MPS-A stands for most environmentally-friendly cultivation, while the qualification participant (D) is awarded when a participant has registered for three successive periods or has registered for 13 periods and scored less than 10 points on the four themes.
More information about the MPS-A certificate/program is to be found here.

PS-GAP is a label with which you can anticipate the market demands of the retail channel. The MPS-GAP certification scheme is based on the criteria formulated by the European retail organization EUREP for safe, sustainably-cultivated, high-quality and traceable products. These criteria are expressed in Good Agricultural Practice (GAP). MPS-GAP is benchmarked with the GlobalGap flowers and plants scheme.
More information about the MPS-GAP program/certificate is to be found here.
Groenlabel kas
A Greenhouse label qualification contains that we are using environmental friendly energy solutions, such as renewable energy sources. This certificate is monitored by the SMK which is being held responsible by the College of  Expertise Groen Label Kas. This certificate is attached to several gourvementrestictions.
More information about the Groenlabel Kas is to be found here (dutch).

In 1998 the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) was set up to bring together retailers, suppliers, trade unions and charities to agree, deliver and uphold acceptable common standards in the supply chain. We know that our customers want the assurance that the fruit and vegetables they buy are sourced from growers who they can trust.

Recognizing our responsibility and importance of this initiative Tesco became one of the founding members, helping to shape and evolve the ethical standards of our growers over the years.

Working in partnership with the ETI we ensure our suppliers are annually risk assessed on ethical standards and worker welfare to ensure that all standards are achieved. Our dedicated technical team also visit suppliers to ensure continuous conformance. This is evaluated and monitored using SEDEX, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

More information about the Sedex program can be found here.