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Yearly we cultivate approximately 30 million tulips. Our tulip selection consists of four to five colors per week. Each color covers various cultivars so that we can deliver the right color and the best quality throughout the whole tulip season.

The tulip bulbs are prepared using heat-pumps, a sustainable technique.

We start scalding tulips from week 49 till about mid-June. The tulips are cultivated using flowing water for the best quality. This gives us the benefits of growing the tulips on ground and the efficiency of growing them in water.

In our greenhouses we are using a completely automatic container system which enables us to produce our tulips as efficiently as possible. It also protects our tulips from any transport damage. In addition to the damage control the system also optimizes the work environment for our employees, who can stand up straight during the harvest.

The greenhouses make us of floor heating, this ensures that the whole greenhouse has the same temperature to prevent any cold areas. This even includes the second cultivation layer. The greenhouse also contains double energy grid to reduce the energy waste. In addition to those energy saving techniques we are also using an outdoors air suction which enables us to control the humidity in the greenhouse without losing energy.

Our tulips are being distributed directly as well as on auction through FloraHolland Connect in Aalsmeer, Rijnsburg and Naaldwijk. The tulips which are distributed directly are available in any numbers. If you have any question please feel free to contact us.